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abe sapien, alan rickman, alphonse mucha, ancient rome, antiheroes, art, art nouveau, autumn, bbc, bbc costume dramas, bbc drama, bbc robin hood, beadwork, beauty and the beast, beta-reading, blackadder, books, boots, boromir, bridges, british comedy, broadway, broadway musicals, cathedrals, cats, celts, christian bale, christopher eccleston, cirque du soleil, clopin trouillefou, commodore norrington, cooking, corsets, costume dramas, cravats, csi, darken rahl, doug jones, edward norton, el fauno, elizabethan fashion, emperor commodus, ewan mcgregor, fallen leaves, fanfiction, fantasy, films, green, guillermo del toro, harry potter books, hbo rome, hellboy, heroes, historical fiction, history, indian art, jack davenport, james mcavoy, jane austen, joaquin phoenix, john thornton, klimt, leather gloves, legend of the seeker, long hair, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, mark strong, mascara, men in kilts, mi-5, mr tumnus, music, musical, musical theater, neil gaiman, north and south, piano, pillows, pirates of the caribbean, pomegranate, prince septimus, professor snape, ray stevenson, reading, richard armitage, rings, robin hood, rome, scandinavian and celtic mythology, sea, sean bean, septimus, singing, sir guy of gisborne, smiling when saying hello, snow, soundtracks, spooks, stained glass, stardust, storytelling, sunset, swordfights, szabó p szilveszter, tarot cards, tea, the tudors, theatre, tolkien, unusual earrings, victorian drama, victoriana, wearing gloves, writing, writing e-mails
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